PICO-EA and the Innovation Platform

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The Institute for People Innovation and Change in Organizations- Eastern Africa (PICO-EA) supports individuals and organizations in their efforts to bring about change and innovation for sustainable development. We focus on fostering participatory learning processes in organizations and amongst stakeholders towards enhancing their performance, creativity and adaptability. PICO-EA has extensive experience in leading organizations through institutional reform and change processes and a track record in building the capacity of operational, management and strategic teams to improve organizational and individual performance. Our core competencies are in facilitating change in the development sector, including strategic planning and program development, implementation support, and performance monitoring and evaluation.

PICO-EA’s role in the ACGG program includes facilitating the emergence of institutional landscapes at national and sub-national levels which will enable the development of a functioning chicken germplasm identification and delivery as well as required support services that work for rural smallholders. PICO-EA will use the Innovation Platform approach, as the principal tool for identifying key systemic challenges and helping players to co-create solutions. Specifically PICO-EA will work with national and sub-national stakeholders to: develop and nurture National Innovation Platforms to facilitate private sector access to the germplasm, develop business models for mass-multiplication, brooding, vaccination, and delivery to farmers, and develop value chain input delivery systems. PICO-EA will also develop and nurture sub-national and community Innovation Platforms focused on empowering poor smallholder farmers, especially women, to access preferred chicken germplasm and optimize the productivity of the birds under low-input production environments.

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